Current Fundraisers

Below are the current fundraisers for LA Dream Athletes. 

Be a part of the 100s Club

How it works: Post/Email/Text the attached "Dream Bingo Card" to supporters and ask them to pick a square.  Mark off the chosen squares. This is a GREAT activity for Instagram Story as you can repost updates to your story.  They can pay you the pledged amount for their chosen square.  Once you collect all $95, Venmo the total amount to the Foundation (@LA-Dreamers-Foundation) and the foundation will sponsor the last $5 to make $100!

Refer to the BAND App for more info.

LA Galaxy Games

Refer to the BAND App for more information on how you can earn money for your athlete by working the LA Dream snack stand at the Dignity Health Center for LA Galaxy games.



Set up your donation account through our Foundation treasurer, Amber Masek (  Supporters can make donations directly to the foundation in your child's name.  Profits for athletes are 95% of the donations.